CANADA 2014, 5 MIN.

Worth/Defence presents text-to-speech dialogue between an arguing couple over fish being gutted and filleted. Six mackerels are filleted by a woman and one striped bass is gutted by a man. Neither butcher is practiced, insinuating the thoughtless confrontations couples have that stem largely from self-defence. The emotional butchery that lovers inflict upon one another is blatantly represented by the bloody fish.


The question of worth often comes up in love: weighing the good against the bad. Is it worth staying in a relationship if it tends towards bickering and arguments? If defensiveness is taken out of the equation, worth is somehow gleaned from love, though this is a difficult task – hinted at by the gruesome imagery.


2018 Madhouse Movies. Screening. USA.
2015 April
Academy of Video Art Gala. Screening. Nominated for Best Short. Montreal, QC.


Music Charlie Twitch
Performers Tania Dos Santos, Robby Reis
Producer, camera, editor, sound Kaja Levy de la Vie