CANADA 2015, 9 MIN.

Euthymia is a black and white, slow-motion video triptych set in a high-vaulted chapel. It personifies a professional woman’s existential crisis, a representation of her mental state in which workers of her own making support her delusions.


Euthymia explores the character’s best possible level of performance, a state in which she is capable of functioning while under the threat of dysthymia – a numb, chronic lowness.


2021 May XXIVe Rencontres Internationales Traverse, L’Art c’est faire. Programme ENSAV. Toulouse, France.
2021 February Harcourt House Artist Run Centre. Solo exhibition. Edmonton, AB.
2018 February
Long Winter. 6.4. Installation. Toronto, ON.
2017 June
Short to the Point. Experimental Selection June 2017. Screenings. Various venues, Romania.
2017 January – February
 FOFA Gallery. Making Spaces. Installation. Montreal, QC.
2016 January VAV Gallery. #10.vav//2016. Installation. Montreal, QC.
2015 July matralab. Residency & installation. Montreal, QC.
2015 May Concordia Film Festival. Screening. Nominated for Best Production; Direction; & Cinematography. Montreal, QC.

Director of Photography Wolski
Music and sound-design Charlie Twitch
Performers Emylie Bernard, Janick Burn, Robby Reis, Tania Dos Santos.
Producer, writer, editor Kaja Levy de la Vie